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What is my purpose in life? How can I contribute and make a difference in the world? These became burning questions as I reached my forties and entered what some might call a “mid life crisis”. I questioned why it even mattered what my purpose was. I had a successful practice as a physician assistant in aesthetic medicine. I was the sole injector and med spa director at the largest plastic surgery office in West Texas. I had an amazing husband and 3 beautiful, talented children. What more could I want?

I grew up in a structured, religious environment going to church every Wednesday and Sunday. I knew what church had told me my purpose was. I struggled to apply or put this knowledge into action in a way I found fulfilling. Through a series of events and opportunities, I realized the answers to these questions and more could only come from within myself. So I started journaling and my writing eventually started this blog. This is s space for me to share the answers I have found and more about myself with you.

My stated purpose is to be Love and to empower women to embody the best versions of themselves. I am so excited because I get to see women of all ages in my office every day. Sometimes this occurs as a simple conversation. Other times I use non-surgical aesthetic treatments to enhance their natural beauty and restore the symmetry of youth. How does using my talents as an artistic injector empower women? Multiple studies have shown that when women do not feel attractive, they cannot feel love which impacts their relationships and partnerships. Conversely, when women feel attractive, they likely feel confident and able to be their best at work, more deeply connect with friends and to engage with those around them.

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